Hey guys,

As you may noticed I haven’t been around too much lately and lets not talk about my lack of updates on my stories.

No worries, I’m not leavin’ the fandom and my ongoing stories (the next THTH chapter is at 90%) but the thing is that my beloved grandmother passed away recently and I’m not in the mood. Mostly I’m just sad and empty.

Dunno when I’m gonna be back but I promise I’ll be.

Be safe and Happy Holidays to you all.

(To the anon who sent me that message about my ‘bitching’, I’m not ignoring you but I’m not in the right headspace to give you a proper answer at the moment.)

  1. kovelove said: Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss :( Take care!
  2. kneelbefore-thequeen said: I’m so sorry to hear that :( *hugs* <3
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    Sorry for your lost … I know how hard it is, I lost my grandmother a while back … Very close to her, she helped raised...
  4. beatriecpriors said: I’m so sorry, hope you’re okay! My grandfather passed away last christmas, on christmas day, so if you want to talk you can come to me (even though we haven’t really ‘talked’ before but whatever!)
  5. harvspecters said: Aw babe sorry for your loss :( *hugs* I know we haven’t been talking as much lately but if you ever need to talk you can always inbox me <3
  6. sicrazy said: I’m so sorry! *Hugs*
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